The (Dis)honesty Project

From plagiarism, to infidelity, to financial fraud, dishonesty seems to be a universal part of the world we live in. Going far beyond scandalous headlines, cheating isn’t just happening on a newsworthy scale, it’s happening in small ways everywhere. It’s human nature to lie, we all do it! But little fibs can snowball into large-scale problems with major implications for society. Studies show that we don’t really understand the causes and complexities of dishonesty. Research also indicates that reminding people and ourselves about our own morality makes us behave better.

The (Dis)Honesty Project hopes to create a safe space where we can explore the complicated truth(s) of the matter and improve our own behavior and that of the world around us. The (Dis)Honesty Project is a partnership between bestselling author and behavioral scientist Dan Ariely and SALTY Features.

The Project’s initiatives include:

(Dis)honesty -
The Truth About Lies
a documentary feature film
The Truth Box
a traveling installation that invites people to share the truth about a lie
Online Forum
a place to explore (dis)honesty
“I wrote many fake news articles. I'm not proud of it. I'm part of the problem but I'm also a product of my environment.”
“I told my girlfriend her tan looked natural when really she looked like one of those long skinny deformed sweet potatoes”
“Sometimes I lie about having a mental health condition so I do not get mistreated.”
“I talk about my dad and things he does at home although it's been a long time since he left us.”
“I've lied about my sexuality. I have claimed one identity, then another, but I still don't know where I actually stand on the matter.”
“I always lie about my weight: on my driver's license, even on medical forms.”
“I've lied about whether or not I would remove my headscarf if I was given the option. I would remove it if I wouldn't be judged socially for it.”
“A colleague of mine phoned me when I was starting my therapy session and I said I was at the doctor.”
“I lie to make jokes, to make people laugh. The truth is quite boring.”
“I am unemployed and said I was employed in front of my kids to another parent.”
“As my late husband lay in the hospital for 10 weeks in palliative care, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I NEVER told him. He died not knowing. the truth.”


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